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When we find balance, we find our true selves.

I am an Akashic Record Consultant and Teacher, Energy Practitioner, and Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor.
Helping others discover various methods of healing is a true joy for me.  What works for one person may not always work in the same way for another. My goal is to offer guidance and support for those seeking deeper insight into their soul’s purpose and life lessons.

Whether you are looking for spiritual guidance through an Akashic Record reading or the artful approach
of Ayurveda, I am here to help you.

In addition to private clients, I host virtual group healing circles and classes for intuitive learning.



Akashic Record Consultation

Wisdom of the Soul
The Akashic Records are an infinite source of knowledge,
and connection to your soul’s  lifetimes

Energy Healing

Refocus the Mind
Adjust and rebalance the energy of the body with a gentle, 
yet effective healing session

Ayurvedic Wellness Support

Love your Body
Explore the ancient science of wellness to understand holistic solutions for optimal health 

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