I have had the distinct pleasure of having had readings done by Julie, as well as receiving tutoring from her. In both instances Julie’s attention to detail, to what is right for the client is always uppermost – and it shows. Julie’s readings have a natural flow and progression, so even if you don’t ask all the questions, you still land up with more answers than expected. I highly recommend Julie – both as a reader and as a teacher.

– Leslie, South Carolina

My time with Julie was simply amazing. She has such insight, bringing understanding and possible solutions to my questions and situations. I felt peace of mind and an excitement for the future. Thank you, Julie!

– L.G.

My reading with Julie was surprisingly accurate for what I was facing in my life. I had never had a reading before and had no idea what to expect. I found her messages and guidance so helpful and walked away with a specific plan and tools to work through all of the changes I am currently facing. I left the reading with the positive reassurance that I’m following my life purpose with the healing work that I do and that my gift truly will help bring healing to others. Thank you Julie for sharing your gift with me and bringing forth these much needed messages and guidance.

Anne-Marie Wiesman


An energy healer that I have been seeing suggested I call Julie for an Akashic Record reading and I am so happy that I listened.  With Julie’s masterful and respectful approach to the records, she demonstrated an amazing ability to reveal past events that predisposed me to make some of the good and bad choices that I have made in my life…events that left their imprint on my childhood, teenage years and adulthood.  Specifically, she helped me identify the reason I kept choosing the one-sided relationships that were certain to fail. I felt her non-judgmental spirit and compassion the whole time she was performing her reading.  She helped me understand why I developed the walls and self defense mechanisms that I did.  She also helped me confirm what others have told me for some time now, specifically that I should pursue my own ability to do healing work, even suggesting modalities with which I intuitively resonate (reiki, crystals and colors.)  Julie truly loves what she does and it comes through so powerfully.  Even before I became interested in “the supernatural”, I felt that we are all somehow connected and that we cross paths with others for a reason.  I am sure I was destined to encounter Julie and am so very happy that I did.

Margaret, South Carolina

“I had no idea what I was in for when a friend recommended I speak with Julie, but after one session I can safely say she is the “real deal.” Intuitive, compassionate, psychic.. I was amazed at her skill in uncovering deep truths and helping me get answers to some big issues I was facing. She even relayed a conversation I had with one of my family members just the day before – I was shocked and truly impressed! After an hour-long reading and a few months to reflect, I’m still amazed at how much insight and depth I was able to gain thanks to working with her. Whether you’re at a crossroads and need some advice or feeling like everything is on track, talking to Julie is 100% worth it.”

Angela – Massachusetts