An Akashic Record Consultation

The Akashic Records are an infinite source of knowledge, inspiration, and connection to your soul’s lifetimes. An Akashic Record Reading will benefit you when:

– You are looking for information on past lives or information on loved ones that have passed

– You Need information on a current situation such as relationship(s) or job

– You need to understand why patterns continue to show up over and over

– Are seeking a deeper purpose and meaning in life

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic records are the history of your soul.  You can think of it as a comprehensive library of every thought, feeling, word or action of your past and present, that you have experienced since the beginning of your soul.

Your Akashic Records contain a wealth of information that can provide guidance or insight to heal or understand challenges that one may face in life.

The Akashic Records are the space where the understanding of Oneness truly comes to touch our hearts. It is where we move from knowing that we are connected to this universe to the feeling this truth is within ourselves”

– Gabrielle Orr, One True Love

A reading from your Akashic Record is done only with your permission at a soul level and is offered with the intent of helpfulness and unconditional love.

What information will I receive?

The guidance and information flowing from your records are something that you need to know today to assist you on your soul’s journey.  You may receive confirmation of what you already know or you may receive new information in a form that resonates with you.  Above all, you will always maintain your own free will and may use the information as you wish.

Here are a few sample questions:

  1. How can I heal the relationship with my spouse (or father, daughter, son, etc.)
  2. Will I ever find a better job?
  3. How are my past lives impacting me today?
  4. How can I live a healthier life?

1 hour Reading – $140

30 Minute Reading – $70